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Vail Run Resort

Vail Run Resort

Contact us for questions about lodging and owning at
Vail Run Resort
1000 Lions Ridge Loop
Vail, Colorado 81657

Air B&B Review Jan 25, 2021 - 9:16PM

This was a solid rental, and I'd recommend it for a group of four, five was a bit crowded, but we were an odd group, and I'll elaborate later. I do want to really laud the staff for their help and direction. Do you need to buy used skis for a growing kid or the best route to Blue Sky? Ask Louise. Did one of your kids quit early and not have a key for the locker? Carol will help. Are you totally wiped out and need a ride back? Call for Randy (all the drivers were great, but I can only remember Randy's name). The staff made this a really exceptional stay, I asked if I could call them out by name in this review, and they said yes. At first, I thought the hot tub reservations were going to be aggravating, but they turned out to be very useful. The staff did a great job keeping the place clean and managing risks around covid. We were an unusual group, I was the one adult, and there was not a "couple" for the master bedroom, so my daughters got that, and I slept on the couch, but it worked. The vast majority of guests will have a couple to take the master bedroom and put a fifth or sixth person on the couch. Three people sharing a smallish bathroom was a bit much, but I found myself using the locker room bathroom to shower after a hot tub, so that wound up being a non-issue, actually, it worked out really well. I've worked in sales and marketing for 20 years, so I like to give good honest feedback. If your group is bigger than four adults, this might not be the spot for you; but four adults and a couple of kids, and I think you'll be ok. Any feeling of a small place was made up for by world class service and attention by the front desk staff. Probably more info than you want, but we all want our expectations to be exceeded, so I'm just trying to give you enough information to make good decisions.”


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